Jul 21, 2022 | By Vin Lim
Make art accessible by leveraging the NFT technology

Discover artists, access exclusive content and private sales of original artworks powered by NFT.

Make art accessible by leveraging the NFT technology
It’s not exactly news to hear technology is disrupting businesses across industries. The art industry is no different. Social media for example has brought a breakdown of the hierarchy of the art world by expanding the audience for art, effectively making art more accessible, and more mainstream. In essence, technology used right can be a powerful catalyst.

What is Arteesan?
Arteesan is an art discovery platform that makes art accessible to everyone by leveraging the NFT technology. It also aims to empower creators globally by providing a platform with the necessary technologies and market access.

Empower Creators
Technology, however, can be complicated and at times confusing. Arteesan aims to make technology accessible to creators by providing easy-to-use tools that can help creators share their journey and grow their own community. 

  • Creator Page - A free online home for creators to share stories, showcase artworks, and a journal of career highlights & past exhibitions.
  • Certificate of Authenticity - Mint NFT-based COA for physical artwork securely on the blockchain, eliminating the prospect of fake certificates being issued by bad actors.
  • NFT Artwork - Create and mint NFT for digital artworks easily without the need for any complicated knowledge of blockchain.

Democratize Art
As technology advances, it has also become the key driver to enable people from all economic stripes, from every class of society, and from every social, political, and economic background to access art. Arteesan provides 3 key components to drive this goal.

  • Art Discovery - Easy-to-consume content feed with recommendations based on engagement & trend signals, maximizing creator exposure to the right audience.
  • Patron & Reward - Support your favorite creator by becoming a patron, enabling additional earnings for both the creator and yourself while gaining access to the creator’s exclusive content & private sales.
  • Marketplace - Seamlessly buy/sell your favorite artworks (both physical & digital) and showcase your collection.

Collectively, Arteesan aims to be the #1 community for art enthusiasts to come together to discover art, explore and engage with creators, and stay updated with all things art.

Like all big plans, our vision requires a systematic approach to ensure its success. Our master plan is

Build creators profile for creators' branding & following
Build NFT creation tools for COA and Digital Artworks
Build a marketplace to give creators market access

If you are passionate about what we are working on, and looking forward to being part of our journey, reach out to us. It’s a vision that we can better achieve together.

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