Mar 28, 2023 | By Vin Lim
Kecik-Kecik Group Show 2023: A Celebration of Malaysian Talent and Creativity

Fostering Art Appreciation and Supporting Local Talent in an Inclusive Exhibition

Kecik-Kecik Group Show 2023: A Celebration of Malaysian Talent and Creativity
The Kecik-Kecik Group Show, a bi-annual affordable art fair organized by Penang Art District (PAD) together with Arteesan, recently concluded its 2023 edition. The event was officiated by YB Yeoh Soon Hin, the Penang State EXCO for Tourism & Creative Economy, highlighting the government's support for local artists and creative initiatives. Showcasing a staggering 154 artworks from 291 submissions by 106 Malaysian artists aged 12 to 70, the event served as a vibrant testament to the country's rich and diverse artistic landscape.

YB Yeoh Soon Hin, Penang State EXCO for Tourism & Creative Economy officiating the launching of the exhibition

As a platform that brings together established artists and emerging talents, the Kecik-Kecik exhibition aimed to highlight the breadth of skills and creativity within Malaysia's art community. This unique setup provided invaluable exposure for lesser-known artists, who might lack opportunities rather than talent or skill.

One of PAD's main objectives is to cultivate a culture of art collecting, especially among Penang's audience. Contrary to the common perception that high-quality art comes at a steep price, Kecik-Kecik demonstrated that creativity can be found at various price points. The exhibition was divided into three tiers: RM100 to RM500, RM501 to RM1,000, and RM1,001 to RM2,000, ensuring that art enthusiasts of all budgets could find pieces to their liking.

The exhibition encompasses a wide range of contemporary art genres

The Kecik-Kecik Group Show was first initiated in 2019 by PAD and artist Bibichun, inspired by a budgeted group exhibition held by graffiti artists in Kuala Lumpur. Today, the event has grown to encompass a wide range of contemporary art genres, granting as many artists as possible their share of the "gallery pie."

This year, PAD partnered with Arteesan, a platform designed to empower artists and democratize art by offering free tools to create, showcase, promote, and sell artwork. Through this collaboration, each artwork in the exhibition came with a complimentary non-fungible token (NFT), serving as a Certificate of Authenticity and enabling better provenance and ownership verification.

Physical exhibition held at the Hin Bus Depot from 3rd to 12th March 2023

In addition to the physical exhibition held at the Hin Bus Depot from 3rd to 12th March 2023, the Kecik-Kecik Group Show was also available online through the Arteesan platform from 3rd March to 2nd April 2023. This extended online presence allowed for greater accessibility and reach, enabling art enthusiasts from around the world to experience and appreciate the diverse works on display.

The Kecik-Kecik Group Show 2023 offered an ideal starting point for new collectors, as well as an exciting opportunity for seasoned collectors to support emerging artists. The exhibition encouraged visitors to trust their instincts when purchasing art, focusing on pieces that genuinely resonated with them.

Patrons viewing and appreciating artworks in the exhibition

The event also urged art enthusiasts to get to know the artists behind the works, following their social media or websites to track their growth and development. In doing so, collectors could appreciate how their support contributes to the broader creative ecosystem.

With a total of 40 artworks sold, the exhibition succeeded in promoting art appreciation and supporting Malaysia's diverse array of creative talents. As the event drew to a close, visitors were left eagerly anticipating the next edition of this inspiring showcase.

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Kecik-kecik Group Show 2023
Kecik-kecik Group Show 2023
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