Jul 15, 2023 | By Vin Lim
Harnessing the Flow: Unraveling the Bold and Intuitive Art of Alvin Koay

Blending Impressions and Innovations: An Insight into Alvin Koay's Artistic Journey

Harnessing the Flow: Unraveling the Bold and Intuitive Art of Alvin Koay
In the rapidly evolving world of contemporary art, innovation, creativity, and adaptability reign supreme. Few embody these principles as significantly as Alvin Koay, an artist known for his bold, intuitive style of painting. Our recent interview with Alvin uncovers the depths of his artistic journey and unique approach that intertwines personal experiences, impressions of the world, and various art movements.

Cultivating an Intuitive Style
Alvin Koay’s artistic journey began rooted in his childhood love for the impressionist works of Monet and Pissarro. He spent his early years honing his craft, adopting and adapting elements from various styles to form his unique language. Like many impressionists, his work began as representational art – objects that mimic reality, like a kite or his daughter's face, painted in a style brimming with emotion.

However, his style didn't remain static. After a decade-long hiatus from painting, he reentered the art world during the advent of digital platforms like Instagram. He came across the works of abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning, leading him to embrace abstraction and develop his signature style.

Alvin working on "The mating dance"

His works transformed into abstract forms laden with vibrant colors and intuitive lines. Inspired by artists like Basquiat and Picasso, Alvin imbued his art with elements of graffiti and cubism. His work became a melting pot of styles, an abstract realm that, as Alvin puts it, "comes out intuitively." His style, much like his inspirations, is ever-changing, drawing from the world around him, his emotions, and his personal experiences.

Telling Stories through Art
A pivotal aspect of Alvin's work is the story each piece tells. His paintings are not mere visual splendors but vessels of profound narratives. Alvin’s narrative is best embodied in his exhibition, 'Digital Osmosis'. The exhibition aims to show abstract work that does more than represent something tangible. Alvin believes in painting his internal world, making each piece a unique and pure form of self-expression.

In the exhibition, Alvin shares the narratives behind his pieces, hoping to make his art more meaningful. He wants audiences to see and understand his internal world, and he does this by transforming intangible emotions and experiences into colors, shapes, and forms.

An intriguing example is his painting, 'Cuttlefish and Flower for my wife', a title that emerged two weeks after its completion when he suddenly saw the abstract figures as symbols of his wife's favorite things. This showcases Alvin’s process, where his unconscious memories and feelings take shape in his paintings, oftentimes emerging only after the artwork's completion.

Embracing the Digital Wave
Not content to limit himself to traditional media, Alvin seamlessly integrates digital elements into his work, bringing his art to life through animation and original soundtracks. Influenced by the rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), he digitalizes his work, expanding the narrative and the experience of his art.

His 'Bulat-Bulat' generative artworks are created through hundreds of computer scripts. The result is a collection of art pieces each carrying a specific theme linked to Alvin’s past. This blend of technology and creativity marks a new chapter in the art world, creating a new movement of digital and generative art.

Looking Forward
Alvin is not just an artist but also a visionary with grand ambitions. He aims to take his art to a global level, planning international solo exhibitions, brand partnerships, and a full-blown e-commerce website, TrippyMojo.com, which will sell merchandise featuring his artworks.

Alvin posing with one of his work "Picasso's Dinner"

Following the "Digital Osmosis" solo debut, Alvin is far from slowing down. With plans to collaborate with brands and to launch an international solo exhibition in Brussels or Paris next year, he is geared up to scale his art career. 

Alvin’s approach to art is a testament to his ability to blend past influences, personal narratives, innovative practices, and ambitious vision. He uses his platform not only to express himself but also to inspire, provoke thought, and evoke emotion. His work serves as a reminder that art, in its purest form, is an authentic expression of one's inner world, ever-changing and forever captivating.

Digital Osmosis by Alvin Koay
Digital Osmosis By Alvin Koay
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