Wheels Rhapsody by Lok Kerk Hwang

15th April 2023 - 23th May 2023
Presented by Arteesan
Wheels Rhapsody by Lok Kerk Hwang


"Wheels Rhapsody" is a stunning and heartfelt collection of 10 award-winning watercolor paintings by the renowned artist Lok Kerk Hwang, AWS. Limited to just 10 Hahnemühle German Etching Giclée prints per artwork, this exhibition reveals Lok's keen eye for finding beauty in the seemingly mundane and ordinary aspects of everyday life. Each piece, skillfully rendered with a delicate touch and a harmonious color palette, showcases the artist's deep appreciation for subjects that are often overlooked or forgotten. In a thoughtful move to assure the authenticity and security of each artwork. Each of the artworks also comes with an NFT-based Certificate of Authentication and an RFID Authentication, providing collectors with a truly unique and valuable investment opportunity in Lok's extraordinary artistic journey.
The inspiration for "Wheels Rhapsody" stems from Lok's fascination with the different forms, shapes, lights, textures, and compositions of nostalgic bicycles, tricycles, and motorbikes. By exploring these everyday objects, he finds joy in painting the beauty in objects that are often overlooked or discarded by others. The exhibition's title encapsulates the diverse range of paintings, presented in a cohesive package that allows viewers to freely interpret and engage with the art in their own unique way.

Three standout pieces in the exhibition include "Morning Song No 5," which marked the beginning of Lok's journey towards earning the title of Signature member of the American Watercolor Society, "Morning Song No 6," a portrayal of an 80-year-old bicycle shop that has since been demolished, and "Morning Song No 8," which earned second place in the Society Watercolor Artists International Juried Watermedia Exhibition.
About Organiser
Lok Kerk Hwang AWS

Signature Member of American Watercolor Society (AWS) & The Allied Artists of America (AAA) 30 yrs + 30 International Awards winning Artist.