Apr 12, 2023 | By Vin Lim
Wheels Rhapsody: A Nostalgic Journey through Lok Kerk Hwang's Award-Winning Watercolor Art

Discover the beauty in the ordinary at Lok Kerk Hwang's online-exclusive solo exhibition, "Wheels Rhapsody," featuring limited edition Hahnemühle German Etching Giclée prints with NFT digital certification

Wheels Rhapsody: A Nostalgic Journey through Lok Kerk Hwang's Award-Winning Watercolor Art
Acclaimed watercolor artist Lok Kerk Hwang is set to present his latest online solo exhibition, "Wheels Rhapsody," a stunning collection of 10 award-winning artworks, each available in a limited edition of 10 Hahnemühle Giclée prints. The exhibition showcases Lok's unique style and his passion for capturing the beauty of everyday objects, often overlooked or discarded, through the lens of nostalgia. Each piece comes with an innovative RFID and NFT-based Certificate of Authentication, offering a unique and secure way to verify the ownership and provenance of the artwork.

Lok Kerk Hwang, Signature Member of American Watercolor Society AWS. 30 yrs + 30 International Awards winning Artist. Best known for his realism style.

Lok's artistic journey began at the tender age of 15 when his secondary school art lecturer introduced him to watercolor painting. Since then, he has been captivated by the medium and has dedicated his life to mastering its intricate techniques. Over the years, Lok has participated in various competitions, both in Singapore and internationally, earning accolades and recognition, including the prestigious title of membership in The American Watercolor Society.

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Lok's unique artistic approach focuses on capturing the beauty in the ordinary through the interplay of light and shadow. Despite the inherent challenges of watercolor, Lok has honed his skill to imbue his work with weight and depth, bringing his subjects to life. As a realist painter, Lok has evolved his approach to brushwork and attention to detail, experimenting with ways to achieve a high level of detail with fewer brushstrokes and colors.

Lok gets inspiration from everyday objects that we often don't pay extra attention to

The inspiration for "Wheels Rhapsody" stems from Lok's fascination with the different forms, shapes, lights, textures, and compositions of nostalgic bicycles, tricycles, and motorbikes. By exploring these everyday objects, he finds joy in painting the beauty in objects that are often overlooked or discarded by others. The exhibition's title encapsulates the diverse range of paintings, presented in a cohesive package that allows viewers to freely interpret and engage with the art in their own unique way.

Three standout pieces in the exhibition include "Morning Song No 5," which marked the beginning of Lok's journey towards earning the title of Signature member of the American Watercolor Society, "Morning Song No 6," a portrayal of an 80-year-old bicycle shop that has since been demolished, and "Morning Song No 8," which earned second place in the Society Watercolor Artists International Juried Watermedia Exhibition.

Artists paint together at the World Watercolor Arts Biennale in Bangkok, Thailand

Throughout his artistic journey, Lok Kerk Hwang has faced numerous challenges that have shaped him into the artist he is today. Watercolor painting, as a technically demanding medium, presents unique obstacles due to its delicate and unforgiving nature. Unlike oil painting, mistakes in watercolor cannot be easily corrected or layered, forcing Lok to be deliberate and precise with each brushstroke. Despite these challenges, he finds the process of working with watercolors incredibly rewarding. The unpredictable nature of the medium keeps him motivated and driven to push his boundaries and explore new techniques. As Lok continues to grow and evolve as an artist, he embraces these challenges as opportunities to learn and improve, ultimately resulting in captivating and emotionally resonant artwork that resonates with a wide audience.

In collaboration with Arteesan, Lok's "Wheels Rhapsody" exhibition brings his work to a global audience through the innovative use of blockchain technology. Each limited edition Hahnemühle Etching Giclée print comes with an RFID + NFT digital certification, offering collectors a secure and verifiable way to authenticate their investment. This approach allows Lok to share his art with a wider audience, while also offering collectors a high-quality, exclusive, and valuable addition to their collections.

Wheels Rhapsody by Lok Kerk Hwang
Wheels Rhapsody By Lok Kerk Hwang
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