Apr 28, 2023 | By Vin Lim
Arteesan and Equator College Forge Innovative Partnership to Empower the Next Generation of Artists

Arteesan to partner with Equator College to embrace digital & blockchain technologies and seize the opportunities that arise from the digital landscape

Arteesan and Equator College Forge Innovative Partnership to Empower the Next Generation of Artists
Today marks a groundbreaking partnership between Arteesan, the revolutionary creator platform, and Equator College, the leading institution in art, media, and design in the region. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed to offer students cutting-edge technology and education in the ever-evolving world of art, preparing them for the creative industry's real-world challenges.

Arteesan, which provides a comprehensive toolkit for artists to create, showcase, and sell their work through blockchain and NFT technology, joins forces with Equator College to equip young creators with essential skills for the workforce of the future. The World Economic Forum highlights creativity, critical thinking, and complex problem-solving as vital attributes, and this collaboration aims to nurture these qualities in aspiring artists. The partnership will give students access to training in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), blockchain, and digital strategies.

Vin Lim, the founder of Arteesan explain to the audience how Arteesan as a platform help artists to reach a global audience.

In an era where online presence is crucial, over 20% of art sold globally in 2021 was transacted online. The Hiscox Online Art Trade Report estimates the online art market's value at $9.32 billion in 2021, with a 22% annual growth rate. This collaboration will help young artists harness platforms like Arteesan to build communities, tell their stories, and reach a global audience.

Officially launching the Arteesan profile of Equator College

By partnering with Equator College, the partnership seeks to inspire a new generation of creators to embrace innovative technologies and seize the opportunities arising from the digital landscape. The joint efforts aim to establish a thriving creative ecosystem that benefits not only students and artists but also the broader art community and society.

Vin Lim & Chun Woei speaking to members of press about the partnership and the art landscape in the digital space

The signing of the MOU signals the beginning of a fruitful partnership between Arteesan and Equator College, working together to empower the next generation of artists and enable them to make a lasting impact in the world of art and beyond. In the spirit of Pablo Picasso's words, "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls," this collaboration will strive to inspire, educate, and empower artists to continue nourishing our souls with their creativity.

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